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The structure of skin

The skin is one of the biggest organs on the body. It has two main layers -
the epidermis and the dermis.
The structure of skin
The skin is one of the biggest organs on the body. It has two main layers -
the epidermis and the dermis.
This is the outer surface of the skin that we can see and feel and where we
find the hair follicles. It is made up of several layers that, together, form a
protective outer sheath. This is protected by a mixture of water and oil (sebum)
excreted from the scalp. The mixture is mildly acidic and contains 'friendly'
The epidermis is contstantly being worm away in a process called exfoliation.
Dead cells are shed from the skin and new, healthy cells take their place.
This is the deep, inner layer of the sking that contains the blood and nerve
supply. On the scalp, the dermis contains the sebaceous glands that produce
sebum and the sudiferous glands that produce water. The oil and water mix
together to form a protective covering for the hair.
The dermis also contains nerve receptors that sense heat, cold and pain and
adipose tissue or fat cells.
Features of skin
The skin has a number of features. Most of these grow from the epidermis down
into the dermis. The main ones are:
  • follicles - pore-like structures that produce hair
  • dermal papilla - the origin of all cell growth and cell division
  • sebaceous glands - secrete oil called sebum that protects us against
  • bacteria, lubricates and waterproofs the skin and, on the scalp, makes our hair
    soft, shiny and pliable
  • sudoriferous (sweat) glands - excrete waste in the form of sweat, which
  • evaporates to cool the body
  • arrector pili muscles - attached to the hair follicles, these contract when
  • we get cold. This pulls the hair upright, giving us goose pimples and trapping
    warm air aForma rotunda our body to help keep us warm.
There are four main functions of the skin:
  • protection from strong sunlight and bacteria
  • sensation through the nerves
  • excretion of waste and oil to make us waterproof
  • regulation of temperature by releasing sweat to cool us and trapping air
  • aForma rotunda us to keep us warm
The natural pigment of the skin is the same as the pigment in the hair. It is
called melanin and is produced by cells called melanocytes.

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How to whiten your skin naturally


If you like being tan summer and your skin is darker, winter why not make a new look and adopt a more ... pale?

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Here's what natural masks will help you a milk white skin, flawless, according to eHow.

January. Mix one egg with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of olive oil and apply on the face, leaving the act 10 minutes. Rinse with fresh milk and repeat the process until you reach the desired resulting feedback.

February. Mix flour with enough milk to make a paste. Apply on face and leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Three. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, which helps reduce the production of melanin.

Fruits that keep your skin young
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The skin is the largest organ in the body, but also the most exposed, so it is possible to get sick or lose their appeal if not properly cared for.

Apart from special creams, she has helped and inside. Fruit Here are your allies in this regard, according to eHow:


Bananas abound in magnesium, about 30 mg per fruit. Helps maintain good blood circulation so skin remains radiant and firm.


Cantaloupe is full of vitamin A, half a fruit containing about 467 mg. This helps prevent dry skin and cell renewal.


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Strawberries have an impressive amount of antioxidants that help the skin to fight the toxins that bombard a day of free radicals inside and outside.

One cup of strawberries are around 82 mg of vitamin C, which means about 25% of the daily required.

As a bonus, abrasive texture of strawberries will help in cleaning and whitening teeth.


Papaya is a fruit often used, although it is full of vitamins A, E and K. Vitamin K is essential for hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to all organs.

Papaya has folic acid, which is vital for the development of skin cells.

Home remedies for sensitive skin
Many women experience at least once in the life of an episode in which very sensitive skin irritated and ashamed to appear in public without tons of makeup. That does not necessarily happen only if the weaker sex, because men can be just as unlucky.

This sensitivity is often accompanied by acne, excess sebum or on the contrary, absence, according Suite 101. Here's what you can do in your own home masks to help your skin to return to normal:

Acne is a problem that affects mainly teenagers but as adults it may be quite nasty. Treatments are generally bought from pharmacies expensive and quite aggressive skin.

So I go in the kitchen and mix one tablespoon of honey with some cinnamon powder, apply on a small piece of skin and wait a minute to check if there is any allergic reaction. If everything is in order, apply to the entire affected area, leaving about 15 minutes, then clean with warm water.

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Both honey and cinnamon are antiseptic, so that fight infection and cleanse pores. Not many people know that toothpaste is good in case of acne. Apply it to the affected area and leave overnight action, cleaning the morning. In most cases, you will notice an improvement until morning. However, be careful not to use toothpaste with whitening effect, because it could irritate the skin.

skin too oily

Need March 1 peeled and grated, 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt. Combine these ingredients and let the girl actin 20. This treatment deep into the pores and open them, eliminating excess sebum.

Dry Skin

And if you have dry skin can have problems, so use a tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon rose water, one tablespoon of glycerin and after you've mixed, put them on the face. Some people may be hypersensitive to these ingredients, so then tests them on a smaller surface. After 15 minutes, cleanse the skin with warm water.

Remedies for the most common skin problems
Unlike other organs of the body, the skin is exposed and you can easily see when sick or something irritated her. It is important to realize what makes bad to know what steps you should take.

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Woman is certainly you may experience the following problems and did not know how to fix them. So which 2 comes to help and propose some simple solutions:

Bags under the eyes and dark circles

These two problems often come hand in hand, the result of poor circulation. "The bags are some accumulation of fluids that gather and do not move through the lymphatic system, and circles indicate clearly an inadequate circulation of blood," says Jennifer DiFrancesco, director of spa in California.

Genetics has a very big role in the occurrence of these problems, but as much matter and nights spent in front of computer. Other possible culprits are alcohol, food too salty and allergies. In addition, stress, eating a low nutrient or inflammation of the nasal area can weaken blood vessels.

DiFrancesco says it's good to give yourself a massage around your eyes every night, applying a cold gel instead of cream, if you have fluid buildup. Find ingredients such as green tea or vitamin K, this strengthening vessels, while marigolds and chamomile reduce inflammation. Apply the gel using a finger and massage in a clockwise direction, but not press very hard, because the skin in that area is extremely delicate.

Used too much force can damage over time and spans more than necessary, wrinkles appear.

Put 2 cups of water to boil and add green tea, and after 5 minutes remove the tea bags and allow the liquid to cool. When it reached room temperature, pour it into ice cube and put it in the freezer. Squeeze excess water from the bags and dark circles keep them on 10 minutes. Regarding the frozen cubes, they will be better in the morning when you wake up tired face.

Blackheads and pimples on the chin

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Nose, chin and forehead, also known as the T-zone, have glands that secrete more oil than any other part of the body. So, if you have oily skin, you should take care of this area, especially around the menstrual cycle. Because the pores on the nose are usually larger than the rest, this happens mostly blackheads because of the accumulation of sebum, dead cells and bacteria. Hormones trigger rash in the chin area, especially when you're pregnant, you have an irregular menstrual cycle, you are premenopausal or taking birth control pills without consulting your doctor.

"This is because of increased estrogen levels," says Zoe Picayo esthetician in New York. You need to exfoliate in regularly using slightly abrasive products, two or three times a week. Be careful not to choose something too hard and not dwell too much when you do, because you do not want to scratch the skin.

In addition, careful what objects come into contact with the girl and that they are as clean. The mobile phone, for example, may bring many bacteria in the cheeks.

Put a little baking soda powder in hand, moisten it with water and apply it on the face, massaging gently. It is one of the best natural methods of exfoliation.

In addition, apart from external factors, breakouts and the chin may suggest a problem with the digestive system when you consider Chinese medicine. Consume probiotics and body will better absorb nutrients. They are found in yogurt and other fermented products. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day to cleanse and moisturize skin cells.

Dry lips

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Tissue covering the lips is extremely delicate and prone to bacterial infections, cold wind and extracting moisture from it, as prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun and the salt water treated with chlorine. Many lip balms contain petrolatum solutions of which seem to moisturize and emoliaza, but can not absorb skin because their molecules are too large, so that does not help, in fact, in any way.

In addition, remaining as such on the lips, they create an impermeable barrier, which is not a positive thing. Choose natural ingredients like honey, almond oil or hemp seed oil, and if you're prone wounds on the lips look a conditioner with antibacterial properties such as rosemary or mint. Avoid camphor, as it dries. Aloe vera heals wounds, and menthol makes them less painful.

Mix some honey with a little brown sugar and apply on the lips, massaging back and forth with an old tooth brush. Sugar is a natural abrasive and exfoliating enzymes and honey contains a natural antibiotic that kills bacteria and helps skin retain moisture.

Dry skin that descuameaza

The skin blistered, especially in the cheeks or eyebrows can be a result of dermatitis or eczema, which must be treated quickly. This can be caused by extreme weather conditions, allergies to certain foods or chemicals, such as those in perfumes, creams, dishwashing detergent or shampoo and laundry. However shortens cell life and lead to accumulation of dead skin, resulting in dryness and irritation.

Stress can aggravate the problem, this has kept aside as you get older, because with each passing year, her skin is harder to regenerate. Oxidize skin cells and do not have the same ability to retain moisture, which causes wrinkles and loss of firmness.

Instead of using chemicals, the better you care for your skin with oils from seeds (pomegranate, rosehip, grape), which are light and enter quickly into tissue. The pomegranate contains linoleic acid, which regenerates and currants, apricots and carrots are rich in vitamin A and C, which strengthens and protects the skin. Grapes have resveratrol and hemp seeds are linoleic acid and soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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Spots appearing on the skin during pregnancy or from the age of 40 years is a bad look for all women, the result of uncontrolled sun exposure, hormonal changes major and excess melatonin. Even worse news is that, once occurred, is very hard to get rid of them. Traditional treatments with glycolic acid and Retin-A are tough and it is not good to use them too much, thinning skin and making it more sensitive. With time you can gain even more patches than original.

It is best to protect your skin from UV radiation is a natural oil joojoba with SPF 10-15. To get rid of the existing stains, apply a papaya mask once or twice a week and look for creams with bleaching agents such as licorice extract, tangerine or dude.

You have to give proof of patience, because depigmentation treatments can take months to visible results. A mask is very easy to apply the yogurt, which is better to use at least 3 times a week.

Broken capillaries

Skin red, irritated, with small broken blood vessels, is it the heat, the sun, alcohol and spicy foods. In this case, prevention is much safer than treatment. Include omega-3 in your diet (fish oil, flax and walnuts), hydrate yourself properly and use sunscreen. Choose and soothing products that contain chamomile, lavender, rose and vitamin K.

Keep some aloe vera gel in the fridge and put on a mask occasionally. No need to hold on to more than 10 minutes. After you rinse with cold water, you'll see the difference.

Indian users can whiten the skin in their profile picture on Facebook

Facebook India has introduced an option that allows the whitening skin profile photos of users. The initiative is, in fact, an ad campaign for skin whitening products, very popular in India.

Campaign for Vaseline star is a star of Bollywood, Shahid Kapur, reports The Telegraph. Products is only for men, and the answer so far is "phenomenal" as the initiator of the campaign said.

Skin whitening products market is very vast in India, the first such product, for women, was launched 27 years ago.

Indian market place and have made Garnier, L'Oreal and Nivea, all with products that promise a brighter skin. A survey conducted in 2009 on 12,000 Indians showed that skin tone is the main criterion for choosing a partner in three Indian states.

In India it is believed that skin looks lighter upper caste.

Face whitening creams, best selling in India

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In India, discrimination is closely related to skin color, which is why cosmetics are sold best face whitening creams. They came to outsell Coca Cola or tea.

Promoted by local celebrities, with white skin of birth, creams that promise "whitening, pigmentation off the illumination" came face to have a market of 432 million dollars annually, estimated that by 2025 this market will reach 583 million dollars, according to the BBC.

The most avid buyers are men in southern states such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Prices vary from 50 cents to $ 150 a tube of cream.

Unfortunately, the miraculous effects like "whiter in 4 weeks" promised by many of the products are not scientifically proven, in addition they are even potentially dangerous. According to experts, most contain steroids.

Michael Jackson still use ointment for skin whitening
More skin-lightening ointment tubes were found in Jackson's home after his death, according to police records recently made ​​public, inform the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Investigators inspected the rented house in California after questioning megastar doctor Conrad Murray, who said he had a Puga with drugs in the cupboard. During the investigation, detectives found 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin, both ointments commonly used in the treatment of vitiligo, which Jackson suffered.

The disease causes the appearance of white spots on the body, and ointments are used to whiten the skin has not been bleached to give a uniform appearance.

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50 years, following an acute Propofol intoxication.

Caucasian Whites appeared 5,500 years ago
Changing diet had led to people with pale skin, which evolved white Caucasians, reveals a new study by researchers from Oslo.

Scientists believe that a sudden change in diet, appeared simultaneously with the transition from hunting to the diet based on yields, resulted in a discoloration of the skin caused by lack of vitamin D, reports the Daily Mail. Basically, the skin has only to adapt to the lack of this vitamin.

That's because they lack this vitamin crops. Even if the human body is able to produce this vitamin from exposure to sunlight, specifically ultraviolet, it is less efficient, resulting in skin pigmentation less visible.

In addition, slowly, people have moved away from the equator, which means that sunlight were less powerful and less Vitamin D in the body. To maximize the effect of vitamin D, and so little skin evolved, becoming increasingly pale.

Skin Bleaching, an adaptation

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In fact, this is most noticeable in the case of Scandinavia, where as little pigmented skin to use as much stock of Vitamin D, research shows.

Children with pale skin can take their daily vitamin D after exposure to sunlight for only 10 to 20 minutes. In children with dark skin, such as those with African origins, sun exposure should be four times higher to be obtained daily vitamin D.

Lisp vitamin D is closely related to cancer, bone disease, type I diabetes and even multiple sclerosis.

A recent study conducted in the U.S. show that half of women of African origin living in the U.S. have large deficiencies in Vitamin D.

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